Those Dreaded Production Days, Suddenly Made Easy — L.A. Castle Studios

At L.A. Castle Studios, we know the dream of what production days should be — opportunities to lift up and showcase both our creative talent and the creative talent of our colleagues. Instead, production days are too often dreaded periods of logistical nightmares, mornings that begin too early, and days that end too late. What we dreamed would be a creative outlet has turned into expression only by color-coordinating spreadsheets.

At L.A. Castle Studios, there’s a better way.

The L.A. Castle Studios way utilizes the latest in technology to make nearly every aspect of a production easier, more comfortable, more affordable, and more fun for producers, crew, talent, client, executives, and anyone else involved in the project. L.A. Castle Studios was started on a foundation that technology has created a better way. And it’s true.

The old way of production involves scouting multiple locations for each scene to find something that fits. Too often, as you know, compromises need to be made due to logistical challenges and budget constraints.

The L.A. Castle Studios way is fun and easy.

First, you’ll contact us with some general details about your project and what you need to accomplish. We will send you a video that tours the entire facility and showcases the technology. We’ll also include information about pricing so there will be no surprises. A full tour and demo and upfront pricing — all viewable from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever providence finds you.

And, the fun part. You’ll connect with in-house technology experts who will work with you to make your project a success.

If you decide to visit the studio in person, we’ll take you right into sets that might work for your project. From space ship sets, to city street sets, to talk show and news sets, and many more, we’ll get cameras going and the jib moving so you can visualize your production. While you’re at the studio and on stage in sets, you can use your cell phone to take photos and videos that you can share with your clients. You’ll enjoy the creative opportunity and your client will be very happy with what they’ll see in the samples you can send them.

Because we have access to thousands of sets using technology, you’ll be able to “scout” multiple locations right from the stage. Need a winter forest, a tropical beach, and a mountain summit? Don’t move a muscle. Quickly and easily, from stage, you can soon see yourself in each of these locations. And, when you come back on the day of production, you’ll know exactly what to expect as these digital sets are not affected by real-world conditions like cold, heat, seasons, or rain.

If the sets you choose need some customization or tweaking, we can usually send samples at each iteration of changes. You won’t need to send out another location scout or travel to see us again. Everything is clearly presented and constantly communicated via email.

Coordinating travel to multiple practical locations for the right times of day and the right weather can be a daunting logistical challenge.

L.A. Castle Studios is famous for our ability to film in multiple locations without travel. The Unreal Engine allows us to change sets quickly. Give us the word and we’ll take your cast and crew from a talk show set overlooking a Manhattan morning in winter to an Italian village summer sunset scene. Each set change, when planned with the technology team, can take as few as five minutes. If your script calls for a scene that takes place at sunrise, we can build that sunrise into the sets, and you can film all day as if it’s the early morning.

Tearing down sets and striking equipment can be a nerve-wracking experience. Have you really canned every shot you need? What equipment needs to travel where?

L.A. Castle Studios is a one-stop-shop with all of the cameras, lighting, audio, and grip equipment that you’re likely to need. This takes the pressure off tearing down because if you realize later that some pickup shots are needed, it’s no problem. Just let us know, book a day rental, and when you arrive back, your Unreal Engine set will be up and ready exactly as it was when you left it. The same is true for season two or the sequel. Days, months, weeks, or years later, we store sets on hard drives so they’re always waiting and ready for your return.

Because most of the equipment you’ll be using will live at the studio, there’s no packing and shipping challenge to face.

The L.A. Castle Studios way is better for the environment. We’ve practically eliminated travel. And greatly reduced the amount of practical materials and plastics needed for set construction. And, directors, executives, and anyone else is always welcome to join the production over Zoom or a live link versus traveling to L.A. Castle Studios.

The technology available at L.A. Castle Studios allows producers to live the production lives they’ve dreamed. Come experience all of this for yourself. Contact us today to schedule a tour and demo.

Originally published at on December 28, 2021.




L.A. Castle Studios, in the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank, CA, is Perhaps the World’s Most Advanced 4K Production Studio — Powered by Unreal Engine.

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L.A. Castle Studios

L.A. Castle Studios

L.A. Castle Studios, in the “Media Capital of the World,” Burbank, CA, is Perhaps the World’s Most Advanced 4K Production Studio — Powered by Unreal Engine.

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